March 21, 2018

International transport

“SC TUTU TRANS SRL is ensuring the transportation of the goods safely to all European destinations with the help of a new equipped fleet and professional drivers.”

The fleet is composed of 25 trucks which are equipped in accordance with EU regulations and standards.  We’re offering dedicated services molded on our client’s needs: general merchandise, hazardous goods, food and non-food products, oversized equipment’s, building materials, express deliveries.

The innovative technologies that we embrace, allow us to communicate efficiently with the drivers and clients. Moreover, it is accessible to keep track of the fleet through Dynafleet and Savefleet systems, facilitating precise information on the position of the trucks and goods.

We consider essential the ability to deliver orders outside the European Union, to countries such as Turkey, Ukraine, which normally require a different set of documentation and licenses, therefore making them not that accessible to other firms. We express our desire of expansion, by having an open approach to new destinations in emerging states.