March 22, 2018


SC TUTU TRANS SRL has broader its operation within a fundamental economic sector: agriculture.

The firm has appointed its focus on cultivation and commercialisation of cereals, within the internal borders and external markets.

As the firm is still in an early development stage, looking to intensively explore the potential that lays in the region it is based. There are several projects on-going. Our desire to obtain healthy, rich and qualitative crops, has determined us to carefully supervise each stage of cultivation. Furthermore, the selection of the seeds along with the treatments applied, are chosen together with our partners that have the expertise and experience, giving us the best insights in the field.

Up until now, we have acquired new equipment which is working efficiently the land, increasing overall performance.

The branch of depositing is in the development process. We aim to enlarge the quantity of cereals produced and through integration and diversification of services to accomplish the requirements of our clients. We are versatile to our customers’ needs, being able to offer delivery of our products using our extensive network of contactor vehicles.

As an extension, we have the capacity of doing agricultural services for other parties.

We gain our trust by providing high quality cereals.